Black Teas

Black Teas – some teas are subject to seasonal availability

Afternoon Apricot -Apricot Mango & Jasmine – We blended fine Ceylon tea with Darjeeling and osmanthus flowers to create an aromatic, sweet and delicate cup with a wonderful fruity aroma.

Berkshire Apple & Fig – New England heirloom apples create the base for this delicious combination of tart apples and sweet, jammy figs. Hints of warming clove and star anise draw out the natural sweetness in this black tea blend.

Cafe Latte – Roasted Cocoa, Barley & Coffee – The combination of dark roasted coffee beans and select black teas produces a strong and energizing cup that is blended for milk. A blend that offers enough caffeine to please coffee drinkers, and smooth enough for tea lovers.

Caramel Chai Pu-erh -Full-bodied, earthy pu-erh with hand-ground ginger root, cloves, and peppercorn sweetened with hand-crafted buttery caramel.

Chocolate Delight- Salted Dark Chocolate – Warm, earthy and decadent, this densely aromatic and flavorful black tea combined with cocoa beans, vanilla, and barley produces a hearty and balanced cup that feels like an indulgence.

Chocolate Strawberry Saffron – Dark chocolate and luscious fresh strawberries paired with a rich and smooth Indian tea and aromatic saffron to create a satisfying beverage that can be enjoyed anytime or to complement any after dinner treat.

Cinnamon Orange Spice – A winning combination of cinnamon, ginger and cloves spices up this black tea blend. Enhanced with a touch of citrus to create a warming cup. Good with or without milk.
Classic Ceylon Orange Pekoe – Honey-chocolate notes make this extremely aromatic tea a wonderful afternoon treat. Perfect for those who enjoy a robust, flavorful cup and want to experience tea at its best!

Coconut Truffle – Toasted Coconut & Chocolate Rich black tea is joined by cocoa beans, toasted coconut and organic honeybush for a decadent treat.

Darjeeling – Treasured by tea lovers around the world, Darjeeling is a lively, aromatic and flavorful cup – one of the finest black teas.

Decaf Ceylon – Our naturally decaffeinated (CO2) Ceylon produces an aromatic and flavorful cup. A classic cup of tea without the caffeine.

English Breakfast – The traditional favorite of generations of tea lovers. This rich and flavorful blend of the finest quality black teas is a perfect choice to accompany your morning meal.

Earl Grey Cream – An unexpected twist on a traditional favorite. Fragrant oil of bergamot is paired with a hint of vanilla for a flavor that is delicately enhanced, and a finish that is intriguingly smooth.

French Vanilla – Vanilla, Almond & Coconut – This artisan blend of black teas is combined with freshly cut Madagascar vanilla bean to create a smooth tea that is perfect with a splash of milk.

Ginger Peach Cinnamon – A fruity and aromatic blend of brisk Ceylon and Darjeeling black tea paired with freshly hand-ground ginger, sweet dried peaches and a touch of cinnamon and clove to provide additional sweetness and body.

Honey Pistachio Biscotti – We start with our own chopped authentic Italian biscotti and blend these with hand-roasted pistachios, honey flakes, and a rich blend of Indian and Ceylon teas to create an enticing blend that is equally enjoyable with or without milk.

Irish Breakfast -For those who like a bold and full-bodied cup to start the morning, Irish Breakfast is an excellent choice. This well-rounded black blend is best with milk and is fine company to a hearty morning meal.

Kaffir Lime – Lemon, Coriander & Juniper – As refreshing on a hot summer day as a gin and tonic, with clean notes of juniper and freshly squeezed lime juice. Complemented perfectly by a backdrop of herbaceous, semi- brisk organic sencha with subtle notes of raisins, sugar and honeysuckle.

Key Lime Pie Ceylon – Transport yourself to warm, summer days with the next best thing to a slice of key lime pie – this is a pleasing and healthful black tea blend of lime leaves, lime juice, lime pieces, and sweet candied pineapple.

Litchi Fruit – Lychee Fruit – This tea is naturally scented with the juices of the exotic, sweet tasting Lychee fruit (native to China). With a heady fragrance and a smooth taste
Lychee is sure to delight.

Maple Sugar – Discover this rich black tea blend flavored with authentic maple syrup from local New England maple syrup producers. Each cup brings you closer to the landscape of New England and helps supports our local and family run farms. Just enough sweetness to hit the spot and best with milk. Enjoy it day or night.

Morning American – Crafted to produce a rich and malty cup, this stimulating tea is just the thing to help you greet the day. Our blend combines the distinctive notes of select Indian, African and China black teas.

Orange Zest Pu-erh – A blend of earthy pu-erh, sweet Valencia orange zest and 100% natural orange oil creates a balanced and aromatic cup.

Sweet Pumpkin Spice – Pumpkin Caramel Cinnamon – A slice of pumpkin pie! An authentic autumnal blend of real pumpkin pieces with freshly milled fall spices and a hint of vanilla for a creamy liquid treat that tastes just like the real thing, your mom’s pumpkin pie.

Toasted Almond Cookie – Indulge your senses with this tantalizing blend of roasted almonds paired with cinnamon to create a smooth, satisfying cup of tea

Toffee Chocolate Hazelnut -We mix our own buttery toffee pieces with roasted hand-milled hazelnuts and flakes of dark chocolate into a smoky and full-bodied Yunnan black tea to create a thick and satisfying beverage.

Vanilla Chai Spice – Cinnamon Ginger Vanilla (Chai) Rich and warming black tea is mixed with freshly hand-ground spices – cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and ginger.

Yunnan Gold – Yunnan Select – Our Yunnan is an exceptionally smooth and bold tea with large, dark leaves and an abundance of rich flavor without the characteristic astringency of traditional black teas.