Green Teas

Green Teas – some teas are subject to seasonal availability.

Cucumber Mint Mojito – The classic Cuban cocktail is reinvented as a refreshing tea blend paired with cooling cucumber and herbaceous green tea.

Dragon’s Well – Also known as Lung-Ching, one of the most famous China green teas. Hand processing and pan-frying creates the signature flat shape. Its exquisite chest nutty flavor and delicate aroma are perfect any time of the day as a picker-upper and makes a great iced tea. Low in caffeine.

Green Caramel – Choice green teas are blended with organic rooibos, roasted cocoa beans, hand-crafted chewy caramel and toasted sweet brown rice to produce a
creamy, buttery cup

Golden Grapefruit – This beautiful blend of green and black tea is infused with delicate hints of grapefruit. A true delight for the eyes as well as the palate.

Gun Powder -Widely consumed throughout theworld, this green tea is hand-rolled into
tiny pellets that gracefully unfurl to produce a full-bodied cup with a hint of

Hojicha – Double roasting gives this green tea a nutty and smoky character. Contains less caffeine than other green tea

Jasmine Green – This classic whole leaf China green teafrom Fuzhou is scented and layered with jasmine blossoms to create a delicately floral cup with a hint of
sweet jasmine

Lemongrass Ginger – The crisp refreshing notes of lemongrass paired with natural lemon oil and organic green tea creates a tantalizing beverage

Mango Rose – An exotic blend of green, white, and oolong tea with lush mango and fragrant rosebuds creates a fruity and healthful bouquet. Naturally low in caffeine

Matcha – A fine green tea powder, is hand-made from the youngest leaves and traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony

Oolong Wu Yi – This tea from China’s Fujian province is known for its light, sweet cup with a fragrant orchid finish

Papaya Mango Mate -South American yerba mate makes the perfect base for this wonderfully tropical blend with sweet chopped papaya, apples, and refreshing lemongrass. The addition of green tea and organic rooibos helps to
smooth the blend

Schizandra Ginger Blackcurrant – This green and white tea blend combines sweet blackcurrants, pungent hand-ground ginger slices, and tart hibiscus, with Chinese superfruit schizandra – offering a subtle clovey, peppery finish.

Tropical Green -Lush and fresh green tea is combined with pineapple and papaya to create a transcendent experience, one that evokes images of tropical landscapes and warm temperatures

Watermelon, Lime, & Basil – Sweet-as-candy watermelon is paired with the subtle peppery-sweet flavor of basil are folded into a base of smoky green tea. The result is a sophisticated and refreshing cup that will surprise and delight you.

Wild Blueberry -Enjoy them as you sip this healthful blend of organic green tea and blueberries with a touch of fruity, tart hibiscus. Low incaffeine